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Fine Spine Health & Wellness Center

Our goal at the Fine Spine Health & Wellness Center is to provide complete and comprehensive family medical care. In a medical era where the traditional medicine physicians diagnose a condition then prescribe drugs to attempt to eliminate the symptoms, our emphasis is on restoring healthy body function and preventing future illness.

We focus on understanding the complex connections between the various body systems, and using this foundation to provide complete care. We get to the underlying reasons for why the patient became ill and how to permanently resolve their symptoms and restore wellness.

Our doctors have extensive training in alternative medicine including Naprapathy, Speleotherapy, Nutrition, and Herbal Therapy. We utilize Traditional Medicines and Alternative Therapies in a complementary, integrated manner in order to provide our patients with the best treatment to achieve and maintain high level of health & wellness.

At Fine Spine Health & Wellness Center, we know that our patients are busy individuals, and we respect their time. For this reason, we choose to work with a smaller panel of patients than most healthcare facilities, allowing us to minimize wait times and to maximize time spent with each patient. Offering this kind of basic respect is our way of restoring human dignity to the medical profession.

Also at Fine Spine Health & Wellness Center, we offer high quality, yet very affordable skin care services (LHE hair removal, acne treatment, psoriasis care, microdermabrasion), a variety of massage services, detoxification programs, and more!

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What Clients Say

"After being badly rear-ended in 2013, I tried chiropractic adjustments, steroid injections/xray-guided steroid injections, and physical therapy. None of these treatments worked and I was left with damage that I was told was permanent through my neck, spine, ribs, sacrum, and sacroiliac joints. I started seeing Dr. Nikogosian in the spring of 2015. I started with two treatments per week, which dropped to once per week as I started to feel better, and now I go as needed for maintenance. Dr. Nikogosian is so very in-tune to her patients' bodies and the adjustments/treatments I have received have given me the ability to move again. After only one session, my gait was significantly improved and my whole body felt loosened and relaxed. Dr. Nikogosian has also recommended different essential oils and supplements to help with my healing process. I purchased the oils she recommended along with the supplements and I could tell such a difference in how my body was feeling. Along with being nothing short of a miracle worker, Dr. Nikogosian is so personable and has always made me feel very comfortable. I am so very thankful to have found her and have my life back. I will continue to see Dr. Nikogosian in the future as she is the only tried-and-true professional who has been able to help me. I would highly recommend Dr. Nikogosian to anyone in need of relief from constant, chronic pain." - April

"Dr. Nikogosian is always very helpful and caring. She strives to give the best holistic care. She went above and beyond with me..with reffering specific vitamins, nutrition, and all kinds of tips to keep my health at its best. I was suffering with froze muscles and scoliosis for many years. I was in so much pain, I thought it was permanant, and I was only 19 years old. It felt like I was in the body of an old lady. Went to a chiropractor and my physician; they didnt couldnt help me. I started seeing her on a regular basis, and her treatment healed me in a matter of a few months. I literally felt like a young woman again. I had more energy, learned how to manage my stress, and keep myself healthy for the long hall. She helped for life because now I know exactly what my body needs because of Dr. Nikogosian. She's an amazing person and I owe her so much for changing my life and putting my youth back on track. I would still be living with so much pain if it wasnt for her. She's and amazing naprapath. I try to recommend her to anyone I can!" - Alina

"Dr. Nikogosian was so wonderful. She had treated me to full completion with my upper back/neck pain. I feel wonderful thanks to Dr. Nikogosian! Great experience!!!!" - Annette

"I have been seeing Dr. Nikogosian for more than 10 years from her former location to her new Buffalo Grove location. In addition to her knowledge, her personable, friendly, and approachable manner makes the office visits enjoyable. I originally visited her for lower back pain (which she eliminated after the 1st visit) and have moved toward reducing or eliminating the return of it through "active" care. I was given recommendations and exercises to do at home. So after one session Dr. Nikogosian told me I only need to come in for maybe 2 or 3 more times, but after seeing the amazing result I told her that I have to come in regularly. So now, I try to go see Dr. Nikogosian at LEAST once a month. Dr. Nikogosian is super nice, professional, and laid back. The office atmosphere is very inviting. If you are looking for something that is not stuffy and clinical, definitely make an appointment here. She provides numerous services that are related to health and wellness as well. Dr.Nikogosian is a great doctor who really cares about her patients. Very happy I found her." - Tanya

"I highly recommend Dr. Nikogosian. I have had 40 years of regular Chiropractic and Naprapathic treatments with many doctors for my back pain. I have had excellent results with her treatments. She is dedicated to her patients health and well being. Her caring for her patients is admirable. I believe her prior many years as a medical physician enables her to treat her patients with great effectiveness." - Bruce Levy

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